Tim Wise
Director & Producer
Tim has freelanced for all the major news networks around the world focusing on 'Hard Access' news stories. From his base in London, where he lived for 10 years, Tim worked on a wide range of assignments for such networks as BBC TV, CH4 News, SABC South Africa, EOTV Holland, NHK Hong Kong, ABC Australia 'Foreign Correspondent' & 'Four Corners", WTN London, DRTV Denmark, Focus Germany, RTL and ZDF Germany.

During this time, Tim traveled to some of the most dangerous countries in the world including Iraq, Bosnia, Northern Sri-Lanka, East Timor, Liberia, Colombia, Southern Sudan, Burma and East India. He also did a series of filming stints working undercover from China, Kurdistan, Burma and Sri-Lanka.
Upon his arrival back to Sydney, Tim joined the Nine Network as a Senior Producer working on numerous hit TV shows such as 'The Block', which made Australian TV history by being the most watched locally produced show in over 25 years. Tim stayed on with the Network for the next 6 years, producing many top rating hit shows including 'Survivor', three series of 'Celebrity Overhaul', 'Celebrity Circus' and numerous other. He even did time producing 'Burke's Backyard'.  
In 2003 Tim was involved in the making of the international award-winning documentary 'Child Soldiers' for ABC TV Australia where he spent 2 weeks living with one of the child soldier units of the SPLA rebels of Southern Sudan. In Assam in East India Tim gained unprecedented access to the ULFA rebels, the first western journalist to ever do so in the 18 years that ULFA had been in existence. Tim was smuggled into their secret bases inside Bhutan and went out on operations with the rebels as they fought with the Indian Army. He was also smuggled inside Burma with the ABSDF student rebels while making an ABC Four Corners report.   
Tim has also freelanced for the Award winning SBS TV show 'Dateline' where he reported from Northern Uganda covering the LRA rebels - The Lord's Resistance Army of Joseph Kony, that has abducted over 30,000 children and forced boys as young as 10 into becoming child soldiers and girls to become porters, cooks and sex slaves for the top LRA commanders.  
Tim is now the CEO of the documentary production company One Tree Films, which was established in 2006 with founder Steve Killelea. The core aims is to produce world-class documentaries focusing on social issues. Soldiers of Peace is their first film together.

Diary exerpt from "Child Soldiers":

"The massive Russian Hind 25e attack helicopter swooped in from nowhere with guns blazing away, we ran for the trees. I was surrounded by 4 child soldiers and as the gunship circled us we circled the tree, putting a 3 foot thick trunk in the way of us and certain death. The kids had fear in their eyes, but this turned to laughter as the gunship went for another target... it was just another day for the kids in Southern Sudan... they had survived the day but 400 of their enemies didn't..."
- Tim Wise, Southern Sudan 2003 with the SPLA child soldier unit
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