Steve Killelea
Chairman & Executive Producer
Steve Killelea is an international businessman and philanthropist. Steve has set up a number of high technology companies and has developed and supported development assistance projects  around the world.

His strong interest in the broader community led him to establish his own private foundation, TCF, in 2000. The aim of TCF is to substantially change the lives of as many people as possible with special emphasis on targeting the poorest of the poor. TCF is one of the largest private charities in Australia focused on developing countries and is currently active in East and Central Africa and parts of Asia.

Steve is also the founder of the Global Peace Index, a new tool for measuring peacefulness of countries and identifying the drivers of peace. Developed in conjunction with the Economist Intelligence Unit, the Global Peace Index has sparked a debate in the media from all parts of the world. The Global Peace Index is now considered a benchmark for measuring the peacefulness of nations.

His latest initiative, the Institute for Economics and Peace, specializes on the linkages between business, peace and economics.

Steve has sat on private and public company boards as well as influential industry government advisory boards including AIIA, IIBAB, NICTA and the CSIRO. He currently serves on a number of Advisory Boards including the OECD’s Global Project on Measuring Progress of Societies, and is an International Trustee of the World Council of Religions for Peace.

Steve is the Chairman and founder of Integrated Research Ltd, has over 30 years experience in the information technology industry. Highly skilled in international marketing, business and product strategy, he has developed two highly profitable global companies with exceptional track records. Integrated Research is an international technology company listed on the Australia Stock Exchange that has customers in over 50 countries. The company has won Australian Exporter of the year along with many other awards.

Steve is also active in venture capital and founded Smarter Capital in 2001, which specializes in investments into high technology companies.

Whether it is a feature film, documentary or any other forms of media, our goal is to deliver compelling stories that will entertain and inspire audiences, while at the same time increase awareness about important social issues.