Child Soldiers
This documentary is a telling global expose of Children who have become Child Soldiers in numerous war zones around the world.
Liberia - The Cannibals War
News Features
During the bloody civil wars that torn through the small African country of Liberia documented cases of cannibalism shows to what extent an enemy will go with their beliefs.
Assam - Blood in the Tea Fields
News Features
Tim Wise gained unique access into a little known and unreported war in East India which has been going on for over 25 years.
Sudan / LRA
News Features
In the north of Uganda thousands of children have been abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army and forced to become child soldiers and sex slaves and war lords who brain wash them to become fanatical fighters.
Burma Student Power
Filmed undercover in Burma this story tells the plight of the student who were involved in the 1988 student uprising which lead to the deaths of thousands of student.
Battle of Newbury
150 feet up in the branches of a pine tree, 'a fly on the wall' film about the Newbury bypass project.
Soldiers of Peace
Soldiers of Peace showcases the alternatives to conflict, revealing countless inspiring examples to prove that peace can be achieved through great equity, emancipation, tolerance and understanding.

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